Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28
Short Course
Starts Mar. 28

Become a great product designer

Start your new career in digital product design with our 12-week intensive program in Barcelona

What will you learn?

Product Design is a process that strategically addresses customer and business problems through technology. In order to do that, designers need tools from user research, information architecture, and interaction design. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals across all major areas of the discipline, and put into practice the skills needed to start your career in product, user experience, and user interface design.

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Why Button School?

We aim to provide you with the best bootcamp experience you can find, complete with steady mentorship, seasoned guidance, constructive community, and real-world experience.

Real-world experience

As a capstone to the program, you’ll work with a team on a final project with a real client.

One-on-one mentorship

You’ll have weekly sessions with a mentor for 6 months, during and after the course. They work at companies like Google, Netflix, and Discord.

Two lead teachers

The course is taught by two lead teachers, with extensive experience in design and education.

Learn with a community

Button School is a growing community of product and user experience design practitioners in Barcelona and beyond.

Evergreen core

We focus the course around a solid core of long-lasting skills that will serve your career for years.

Constantly improving

The course is regularly updated with guidance from leading practitioners to ensure current best practices and approaches.

Projects from our students

Every week in class, you’ll work on design projects to practice what you’re learning. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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Chus García

Pick a movie to watch, by yourself or with friends.

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Tell me honey photo

Tell me honey

Dani Pérez

Improve your stagnant relationship.

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Monty Ruan

Translate any conversation in real-time.

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What do our students say?

Don’t trust us, trust our former students 💚.

Lina Forero photo

Lina Forero


As a teacher, Nevan was an infinite well of knowledge, always ready to answer all my questions and help me navigate my career change experience smoothly, making sure I had all the tools I needed to start my career as a UX Designer.
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Iura Osadchuk photo

Iura Osadchuk


Víctor is an excellent teacher with a combination of rich experience in UX/UI design, great soft skills, and a willingness to work hard to make sure his students learn.
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Sabrina Arcella photo

Sabrina Arcella


Nevan is a patient, inclusive and skilled teacher, capable of making passionate students fall in love with design all over again, highlighting the powerful causes that can be supported by good UX. I couldn’t think of a better teacher for such a people-centered field!
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Melisa Recalde photo

Melisa Recalde


Víctor as a teacher is an asset for any school as he cares about his students, encourages them to continue working hard and pushes them to excel even more.
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Marco Manuel photo

Marco Manuel


Nevan’s experience shows in the way he tackles problems and presents ideas to his students, often hinting at various solutions instead of just one. He gives real-life examples of what he has encountered to illustrate his points.
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María Jesús Muñoz photo

María Jesús Muñoz


He tenido la gran suerte de haber conocido a Víctor y tenerlo como profesor en el Bootcamp... Sin duda demuestra su profesionalidad como docente y diseñador, con un alto sentido y sensibilidad para el diseño.
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Raquel Macías photo

Raquel Macías


Having Nevan as a teacher has been a great pleasure. He is very professional and on top of that, a fabulous person. I learned a lot from him during the Bootcamp. He gave me tips that I'll keep in mind both professionally and personally. I'm sure this Bootcamp would have been very different without him. Honestly, for me, he is a 10.
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Joaco Barcala photo

Joaco Barcala


Víctor ha sido el motivo principal de por qué me ha gustado tanto el curso, por lo que recomiendo enormemente estudiar con él.
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Where our alumni work

We are proud to have played a role in the development of so many of our student’s lives and careers. Here are just a few of the more recognizable places they’ve worked after studying with us.

    Caixa Bank
    Hewlett Packard

Product Design bootcamp

Learn the foundations to start your career as a product or user experience designer.

What is this course?

In this intensive course you’ll learn all you need to start your career as a product designer. You will develop the technical knowledge and practical experience you need to confidently understand and execute a professional design project.

Basic information

Next course

12 weeks (480 hours)


Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm



Course overview

Over 12 weeks, you will work to explore methods and grow your skills as a designer. Toward the beginning of the course, we will hold your hand and provide more structure while working through new processes for the first time. As the course advances, we will explore more deeply in more specialized techniques, while you take the wheel in driving your iterative process.

By the end of the course, you should feel confident to indepently execute on a sophisticated and realistic product design process, and proactively ask for the support you need to make stronger decisions and improve your designs.

Design Process

We start by jumping into the full design process, using all of the key ingredients of human centered design. Our goal is to start building ways of thinking that will allow us to improve our strategic design thinking skills.

We’ll learn about

  • Iterative design
  • User interviews
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Presenting design
  • Figma basics

Interaction Design

With a solid handle on design process, we dig deeper into designing to support interactions between humans and computers, with a focus on mobile apps. We will learn common user interface and interaction patterns, and start thinking about interactive systems as opposed to individual screens.

We’ll learn about

  • User interface elements
  • Mobile navigation
  • Interface layout
  • Typography
  • Color systems
  • Desirability testing

Information Architecture

Finally, we will work together to bring more structure and meaning to the content and information people will access in our products. We will explore how users think about information they seek so that we can design experiences that feel intuitive and expected.

We’ll learn about

  • Navigation
  • Mental models
  • Card sorting
  • Tree testing
  • Content modelling
  • User flows

Capstone Project

For the capstone project, you’ll bring together everything you’ve learned to research and design a web application from scratch! These projects will be reviewed individually with a senior product designer in the industry to evaluate your progress.

Client Project

You will work with a team of classmates to do a design project based on a brief from a real company. During this process you’ll apply research, findings, and the design process you’ve learned throughout the program in collaboration with your client to deliver a valuable design recommendation.


In the final stage of the course, we will work together to prepare for your job search. During this time, you’ll create a first version of your portfolio, prepare for design challenges and interviews, and set up your strategy for tracking your job applications.


As an intensive bootcamp program, this course needs your full attention. Every day we’ll be learning new things, working together, and advancing on projects.

You’ll also spend time on evenings to advance your projects, and to read and do other practice assignments. It’s a big committment!

We will all be together Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm. Here’s what a day of life in the bootcamp might look like:

Morning warm-up




Lunch time

Project workshop

Practice & regroup

Study with seasoned pros

Build your design future on a solid foundation by entrusting your design education to proven educators. Button classes are designed and led by senior level industry practicioners who have trained hundreds of students.

Nevan Scott photo

Nevan Scott

Nevan is a design educator, focused on building great learning experiences and establishing community among design professionals. In his free time he watches too much TV.

Teaching experience

  • General Assembly
  • Ironhack
  • Noble Desktop

Design experience

  • Buzzfeed
  • Edenspiekermann
  • Cantilever
Víctor Ventura photo

Víctor Ventura

Víctor is a Barcelona-based product designer and educator obsessed with making beautiful digital products work. He believes in user-centered design and simplicity shaped by work and research. Brutalist design is his middle name.

Teaching experience

  • Ironhack
  • Neoland
  • Barcelona Technology School

Design experience

  • Wallapop
  • Edpuzzle
  • HitShaker

Associates & mentors

You’ll have workshops and mentorship sessions with our amazing associates. They bring you their experience working in some of the best design teams in the world, and work with you personally as you take the first steps in your career.

Sebastián Ribas photo
Sebastián Ribas

Product Designer


Camille Brito photo
Camille Brito

Head of Product Design


Joan Romano photo
Joan Romano

Software Engineer


Cori Johnson photo
Cori Johnson

UX Writer


Julia Lidoy photo
Julia Lidoy

Product Designer





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Upfront Payment

Pay the total before the course starts and we will discount 500€

Installment Plan

We offer installment plans to make multiple payments before the course ends

Don’t see what you need here?

Our top priority is working with motivated students who are excited to succeed in a new career path. When you submit your application, we will reach out to book a call to discuss your circumstances, and we are happy to work with you to see what we can offer.


12-week Product Design bootcamp

In person classes and workshops, including a week dedicated to preparing your first portfolio

6 months of 1-on-1 mentorship

You’ll meet with a senior designer to check in throughout the course, and into your first job search

Job search support

From your lead teachers and mentor