We make courses for designers and developers to deepen their craft, expand their skills, and advance their careers.

Meet the team

Nevan Scott

Head of Education

Nevan has been teaching designers and developers for over a decade, and still loves every minute of it! He’s led programs at General Assembly and Ironhack, and coached designers and developers at every stage of their careers. He’s worked on design systems and products for the Swiss Red Cross, New York University, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, and Buzzfeed.


Sofía Dalponte

Learning Designer

Sofía is a product manager and designer with a decade experience in the tech education industry. She has participated in the creation of multiple bootcamp courses at Ironhack. She has worked both in the B2C and B2B part of the business, with clients such as Banco Santander, Sanitas, Accenture, the Spanish Government amongst many others. She specializes in product positioning, project management and setting up teams for success to deliver great work.


Cori Johnson

Content Designer

Cori is a content designer, editor, and always one conversation away from starting a podcast. He has taught design at Ironhack and General Assembly, and mentored for Thinkful and Designlab. Previously, he led UX Writing at Discord and Automatic Labs, and is the reason the SF Muni website explains why some curbs in San Francisco are painted green. Cori lives in a log cabin near Olympic National Park in Washington with very resilient houseplants.